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Betuel0717-353wGrade school kids perform for parents and teachers, here in the heart of Brazil.  As poet Elizabeth Bishop observed, speaking of Brazil where she lived for two decades: “And children are really loved more than any place else…”

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Author Ben Batchelder has traveled extensively on American and Brazilian backroads. Nothing in his background, from a degree in Visual & Environmental Studies at Harvard to an MBA from Wharton, adequately prepared him for the experiences. Nevertheless he has published two books on his New World journeys, that map the inner and exterior geographies of meaningful travel, with plans for more. Having grown up in Cambridge, Mass., he currently leads a bi-hemispheric life, as a mountain man with a writer’s retreat in the hills of Minas Gerais, Brazil who comes down to the sea at Miami Beach, Florida. For more, visit www.benbatchelder.com.

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2 thoughts on “wonder kids 3

  • Molly Batchelder

    The children seem so natural and happy and Dad’s word, ‘innocent.’ They don’t seem self-conscious when being photographed, a tribute to the photographer! Love, Molly

    • Ben Batchelder

      Thanks Molly! You, Dad, and Bishop agree on their lovely innocence. Fortunately for me, children here are used to posing for cameras, so a “surprise” photographer, like the foreigner I am, is another animal… Love, Ben