Backroads Brazil intends to reveal the real, untouristed Brazil, far from the beach and city hot spots, where charm, not sophistication, rules


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A short trailer to launch To Belém & Back: Backroads Brazil with my Black Lab, a travel adventure in which Man & Dog explore a love affair with Brazil, where emotional and physical attachments are fraught with risk






Have you ever wondered how to travel with your favorite pet in a huge tropical country, where footloose foreigners are suspect?

Ben Batchelder abandons his cozy expat life and, instead of returning to the U.S. like a normal re-pat, moves deep into the interior of Brazil.

Here, he drives his two-wheel drive station wagon into the Amazon, on the notoriously dangerous Belém-Brasília highway, and back along Brazil’s endless Atlantic Coast, on roads few if any Brazilians brave. Hence the need for such a ferocious breed as Labrador: as protection. 

Along the way, humorous encounters with locals help him to plumb Brazilian culture and history, in so many aspects the flip-side of the American experience, and reveal how he fell in love with Brazil’s beguiling warmth in the first place – along with black Labs.