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"She will never be red"Brazil is at the center of massive spiritual battles world-wide.

To any objective observer, the Brazilian Presidential election was stolen in October.  With Bolsonaro consistently ahead at a third of the vote tally, all subsequent data dumps went heavily for the Worker’s Party candidate and former convict Lula – a statistical anomaly and probability impossibility.  Many Brazilians discovered that their vote for Bolsonaro was not counted. Even Indigenous Brazilians – traditionally supporters of Lula’s socialist party – were indignant, when their districts showed zero votes for Bolsonaro, despite their voting for the President.

The tyrannical Supreme Court has house arrested pro-Bolsonaro congressmen, imprisoned journalists and protest-organizers, and even threw a tribal leader in jail for protesting.  A year prior to the election, the Court also reversed Bolsonaro’s executive order to provide paper proof of one’s ballot, securing the steal.

When the Electoral Court refused to give the needed data for the military to perform a constitutionally-mandated audit, everyone knew the fix was in.

Likely the greatest protest movement in history – with an estimated 10+ million on the streets – has gone unreported in not only Brazilian but corporate media worldwide.  The protests have been entirely peaceful, despite a few false flag operations by Lula rioters.

Here, in the interior of Minas Gerais, a band of Brazilian patriots has consistently prayed in front of the local military barracks, seeking both God’s and the military’s intervention – in order to follow both the spirit and letter of the constitution.

It is quite emotional to see the dedication and patriotism of these prayer warriors.  [please hover over images for captions]

Here is the article, with fewer images, recently published at The Miami Independent.

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